Psychological Services


Psychological Assessment Services:









As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Ybarra conducts or supervises his psychometricians' work to ensure valid, optimal results for yourself or your child. . He is renowned for his ability to help you or your children and adolescents perform at their highest potential during intelligence testing or gifted and talented evaluations via his warm manner and his attendance to factors like motivation, anxiety and fatigue.

Child & Adolescent Psychological Assessment

Gifted and Talented Assessments: 
Dr. Ybarra is an established assessor of Intelligence testing or Gifted testing (with a professional report sent to the designated elementary school, middle or high school) for the Jacksonville FL area, including
Duval County Public Schools, Saint Johns County Public Schools, Clay County School District and Nassau County School District
.  Most parents note that potential delays until their child's Full IQ testing by a school psychologist could exceed several months to a year. Such wait time is costly in that such time is enough for a bright child to grow frustrated with the mainstream school curriculum or - at the very least - to not be maximizing their full cognitive potential.  Rather that have their child suffer this wait, many parents opt to pay out of pocket for a community - based licensed psychologist to assess their child or adolescent. 

With Dr. Ybarra, Intelligence testing and gifted and talented assessments include an interview with parents and child, review of academic records, consideration of special skills or talents and an intelligence test. Dr. Ybarra uses the most recent intelligence tests (e.g.,
WPPSI-IV for 5-year-olds; WISC-V for 6 to 16-year-olds) that are child-friendly and that have the best research basis for these assessments. For Gifted Testing, parents provide their child's grade reports, club or sports involvement and any relevant music or art portfolio work for inclusion in a report summary that will be presented to the school for gifted and talented consideration.

Other Child Assessments:

Dr. Ybarra provides psychological assessments for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) and Learning Disabilities (LD), with results from these psychological evaluations often help parents to request specialized school services for their child's educational needs. Many parents make decisions to pursue stimulant medication treatment for their child based merely on the judgment of their primary care physician. Dr. Ybarra takes a thorough conservative approach toward possible diagnosis of AD/HD, using a multi-level assessment process, including clinical interview, behavioral reporting by parents/teachers/caregivers, intellectual/cognitive testing (e.g., WPPSI-IV ,WISC V) and objective computerized assessment of sustained attention (e.g., TOVA).  

Adult Psychological Assessment

Dr. Ybarra provides adult psychological assessments in the areas of intelligence testing, personality or psychological function, attention problems, and stress management.

For adult children of elderly parents who may have a need to reconsider driving privileges or assistance with management of finances or household, adult competency assessments also are provided. Such assessment findings are often used for the establishment of guardianships or conservatorships. This process includes interview, review of records, and assessment of daily living skills and intelligence and memory.